Effectiveness Assessment


Are your software delivery efforts not meeting your customer's expectations? Are they taking much longer than you believe they should? Are you tired of dealing with persistent quality issues?

An Effectiveness Assessment is a small investment that spends from 1 day to a week evaluating your process and how your people work within it. The length of the Assessment depends on the size of your organization and the systems to be evaluated.

We examine areas such as:

  • Product and Portfolio management - how do you decide what gets built and when?
  • Team and organizational structure - are the right people in the right place?
  • The value stream - what does it take to get an idea into your customer's hands?
  • Technical infrastructure - how do you manage what's being built?
  • Technical practices - how do you actually build the software?

The outcome is an honest, objective assessment of how you can deal with the pain you're currently experiencing.

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