Root Cause Analysis Workshop - 1 Day (Up to 16 People)


Whether it's a minor typo on a page, a major failure causing a severe outage of a system or anything in between, the software industry is fertile ground for examining problems and their causes. With society becoming increasingly dependent on software, we need to "up our game" with respect to tracking down problems with they happen, ensuring that defects are caught before entering the wild, and are prevented from occurring in the first place.

Root Cause Analysis is a process that enables this form of continuous improvement and uses techniques borrowed from other engineering disciplines. The aviation industry, for example, constantly seeks to improve due to the dire consequences of any failures in that domain.

This interactive workshop explain when and how to use Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to investigate problems and determine actions that will ensure that those problems can never happen again. Using real world examples the participants will explore simple, lightweight RCA practices as well as more involved examples using fault tree analysis.

Each session is held at your location and is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Travel and accommodations will be invoiced separately for sites more than 80 km (50 miles) from Ottawa, ON, Canada.


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